If your scholar is currently participating in blended or virtual learning and you’d like for your scholar to return to a more on-site learning option, here’s how to do so:

1. Please complete the Learning Platform Change Google Form for each scholar you wish to change learning platforms. You can find that form here:   https://forms.gle/qWb1ELnhrpVvTTYx7

The deadline to complete this form is Friday, March 5 at 6:00 PM. *Note: If you are happy with your scholar’s learning platform and do not wish to make a change, there is no need to complete this form.

2. The week of March 8-12, our Directors of Academy Affairs will be contacting the parents/guardians who have completed the form to confirm the return to a more on-site learning option approval.

3. The return date for a more on-site learning option will be Monday, March 29, which is the start of our fourth 9-week period. The same parameters regarding the first semester will still apply; should you opt-in for an on-site learning option and switch to a more off-site or completely virtual at any point during the fourth 9-week term, your scholar will need to remain in that platform.

**PLEASE NOTE:   Any scholar who has tested positive for COVID-19 cannot return to on-site instruction until the mandated quarantine period is up. If you have questions related to this, please contact our district Point of Contact (Tiffany DeSpain – tiffanydespain@haashall.org). Additionally, all shots and medical records MUST be up-to-date before a scholar may return to campus. If you are unsure about your scholar’s records, please contact your campus nurse for verification.

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