For those interested in poetry, creative writing, photography, computer art, drawing, or any other kind of creative ventures, and for those who are interested in “Footnotes,” Haas Hall Academy’s award-winning literary magazine, please submit your works to the literary magazine before Monday, January 20th! (Note: When submitting your works, please be certain that you tell us the genre of your work, your full name, and the name of your campus.)

“Footnotes” is a national award-winning magazine, and having your works published within its pages can help you distribute your work, gain feedback, and win awards of your own, adding more substance to your college applications!

This is a great learning experience for contributors! Editors will get back with our authors and editors with suggestions and constructive criticism, helping them grow as artists/writers and further develop their style and refine their works.

We look forward to seeing your works! Just submit them via email (haaslitmag@gmail.com) by Monday, January 20th.

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