Looking for Potential Foreign Exchange Host Families

Hello Scholars and Families,

A scholar at the Haas Hall Academy Bentonville campus is looking to participate in a study abroad year in Europe. To participate in this amazing opportunity, she must find families to host the incoming scholar she is exchanging with. Through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, she is looking for three families willing to host a foreign exchange scholar for three to four months. Families willing to accommodate a scholar within the age range of 15 to 18 should be willing to attend training and orientation sessions. Host families do not need to be Rotarians but should remain in touch with the Rotary Counselors regarding their scholar’s well-being.

Please consider this opportunity and contact other families interested in hosting an exchange scholar. Your involvement is greatly appreciated!

For further information, please email Karla.Hernandez@haashall.org, Katelyn.Bennett@Haashall.org, or Isaac.Aguero@Haashall.org.

*Please note that the emails listed above will only receive incoming emails from other scholar email accounts. If a parent would like to reach out about this opportunity or has any further questions, please direct all emails to karla.soph.hernandez@gmail.com

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