Lots Of Excitement On March 18th!

Lots of fun events will be happening for scholars and staff on March 18th!

As a result of the outstanding effort of our scholars in conducting our first blood drives for the year, and the large number of donations we recieved as a result, all scholars will enjoy a Free Jean’s Day on March 18th. No ripped or torn jeans can be worn and a Haas Hall Academy uniform shirt must be worn with them.

We will go to the chapel at 9am that morning and conduct our Third Annual Haas Hall Jones Center Talent Show. This allows many of our scholars to demonstrate their talents that are not always seen at school. There might also be a surprise or two!

At lunch, Scholar Council will conduct a Bake Sale. At noon, scholars that signed up for classroom activities will be dismissed to attend those while the remaining scholars go to the ice rink to skate till 1:15pm. Scholars then will return and be dismissed for the day at 1:30pm. PFC will have Smoothie King Smoothies available after school if a scholar has purchased one by the morning of the 17th.

Scholars should make sure they have someone available to pick them up at 1:30pm on this date.

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