Lunch Procedures

Excellent job by our scholars as we begin the transition to eating in the Food Court of the Jones Center. Just a couple of reminders for everyone:
1. There is no running inside the Jones Center.
2. Always be kind to those that are here in the Jones Center to work out, etc. Never walk across them, allow them to pass first.
3. Get your snacks from our vending machines before you go to the Food Court. We cannot control how long items are left in the Jones Center vending machines. Only in an emergency are you to use the Jones Center vending machines.
4. Once you go to the Food Court you have to stay the entire lunch time.
5. When Officer Sherri tells you to start cleaning your table, please do so. She announces clean up in plenty of time for you to get back to class on time. Scholars who do not arrive back to their 3rd block class by the time class begins will be given a detention.

We will continue with grade level lunches for the rest of this semester.

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