Mandatory Beta Club Meeting THIS Friday, January 29th

Hello, Beta Members and Prospective Beta Members!

Beta is having its first official meeting of the year! If you are a Beta member or would like to be a Beta member, this meeting is mandatory. The meeting will take place virtually on this Friday, January 29th, at 3:30 p.m. We will post the Meet link in our Google Classroom, so if you’re not already a member and would like to be added, please be sure to contact an officer and/or Mrs. Kate. (Note: All Beta members must attend.) We have some great projects in the works, but we need your input and support to make the most of it!

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Beta officers or Mrs. Kate via email. Their contact information is as follows: Tyler Mizner [email protected]; Andrew Schweitzer at [email protected]; Ellis Hanby at [email protected]; Haleena Sharif at [email protected]; Julia Mizner at [email protected]; Taylor Lyle at [email protected]; Jyothika Arunkumar at [email protected]; Isaac Aguero at [email protected]; Pranav Neupane at [email protected]; Isabella McCleary at [email protected]; and/or Mrs. Kate at [email protected]

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Beta Officers

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