Masks Are Part of Dress Code

At the beginning of the year, we gave masks to scholars who had forgot theirs so they could attend school. Per dress code, scholars are to provide their own mask. We will be reserving our remaining supply to emergency situations (broken ear loop, wrong type of mask, etc.) starting next week. If a scholar shows up to campus without a mask, they will be sent home or not allowed in the building until someone brings them a mask.

Masks must fit correctly. Masks must cover the mouth and nose and stay in place with minimal adjustments needed throughout the school day. Masks may not have an exhale vent. While these masks minimize particles entering the mask, they do not prevent particles from leaving the mask. Gaiters, bandanas, torn shirts or pieces of cloth, and other coverings of the like are not permitted to be worn as face coverings at school.

Please make sure that your scholar has a mask of their own with them on Tuesday.

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