Math Club Informational Meeting

To all students interested in mathematics–whether through learning it, teaching it, or performing in math competitions–the Math Club is starting up, open to all grades! Vastly expanding off of the previous Mu Alpha Theta club, the Math Club seeks to create a space for all individuals interested in the pursuit of mathematics. Do you have a fascination with a certain mathematical topic, problem, or story? Here, you will have the perfect avenue to share it with your fellow scholars! Do you seek to excel in math competitions such as ACTM or the AMC? At the Math Club, you will have access to fellow peers to practice with and learn from, as well as access to resources to hone your competition skills and knowledge. Do you simply wish to be with like-minded people who are passionate about mathematics? Then Haas Hall Fayetteville’s Math Club will be perfect for you!

If you are interested in joining, please join us in Mr.Ward’s room next Monday, September the 12th, during lunch for an informational meeting. Topics touched will include member requirements, student lectures, officer positions and their corresponding applications, and math competitions.

Google Classroom Code: qhyndr5

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