Math Summer Camp

This summer Haas Hall Academy Springdale Campus is offering summer math camps to help ensure your scholar is ready for their next math class. We will offer 3 camps depending on skill level.

1. Pre-Algebra Prep (to help prepare scholars who are entering Pre-Algebra) – will cover topics including, operations of whole numbers, fractions and decimals, ratios, properties of the number line, properties of whole numbers, exponents, and absolute value.

2. Algebra 1 Prep (to help prepare scholars who are entering Algebra 1) – will cover topics including solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, operations with integers, distributive property, exponents, radicals, ratios, proportions and percents

3. Geometry/Algebra 2 Prep (to help scholars who are entering Geometry, Algebra 2 or higher) – will cover topics including, right triangle trig, radical equations, factoring, linear expressions, proofs, logic, and reasoning, exponents, regressions, using technology with math, and word problems.

Each camp is $100 for the week (Monday July 23- Friday July 27) and will last 2 hours each day. Lunch will NOT be provided. You have your choice of signing up for an afternoon session or a morning session. Please pay by check. Checks will need to be made out to Haas Hall Academy , memo: Math Camp.

Please use the link below to register. There are limited spaces available.

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