Mayor Orman is Seeking HHA Bentonville Scholars for the 2022 Youth Council!

Mayor Orman is looking for scholars that would be interested in participating in the 2022 Youth Council in Bentonville. This is a 12 month program where students will hear from a different City department each month. The Youth Council will foster an understanding of how municipal government works, provide a conduit for youth to communicate with city leadership and help promote civic engagement. The Youth Council will meet on the 3rd Friday of the month from 6:30-7:30 a.m. Mayor Orman chose this meeting time to try and accommodate varying student schedules due to multiple extracurricular commitments….early morning before school seemed to have the least conflicts. Meetings are typically held on site at the department that is speaking that month. However, COVID drove these meetings to be virtual, so we will have to see what the health environment is in 2022 to determine how these meetings will take place. We are hoping that the meetings can be in person, but if they remain virtual, Mayor Orman prefers that students have webcam capabilities to participate in the meetings to allow for an optimum experience.

Mayor Orman is looking for TWO scholars from Haas Hall Academy Bentonville to sit on this Council. She is looking for scholars with the desire to learn more about City government. Because this program operates on a calendar year, and not the school-year calendar, candidates in grades 9-11 will be considered, as long as they live within the Bentonville Corporate City limits, which does not include all Bentonville mailing addresses. We are happy to confirm that the student meets residency requirements prior to the application form being submitted. Mayor Orman is looking for a diverse pool of students with the mindset listed above and individuals that will engage themselves in this initiative.

Interested scholars should obtain an application directly from Dr. Rod. The completed application and supporting documents (including the letter of recommendation) must be returned to our office by Wednesday, November 17 via the e-mail address at the bottom of the application. We realize it is a pretty quick turnaround, but we tried to keep the application simple, and hopefully the requested letter of recommendation can be generated easily by the school.

Attendance at all meetings is required to be eligible to receive the certificate at the end of the program unless an emergency absence is approved. Mayor Orman will present these certificates to those members that complete the program at the December 13, 2022 City Council meeting.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help and look forward to hearing back from you.

All my best,

Karilea Magee
Assistant to the Mayor
City of Bentonville

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