The Haas Hall Bentonville Model UN Club has finally returned to in person meetings! While our final conference is this weekend, we still have activities lined up for the rest of this year’s meetings! We will be covering fun topics in debate while practicing Model UN parliamentary procedure. If you are interested in a career in any field that involves public speaking, politics, or law, this club is perfect for you! Join us at the Google Classroom for more info! (The GC code is hmjrivp.)

We’re also happy to announce that we are accepting applications for leadership positions for the 2022-23 school year. If you are interested in taking a leadership position and contributing to one of the longest-running clubs at Haas, go ahead and fill this form out: https://forms.gle/XHJCSRdLwekByYm78

If you have any questions regarding HHAB Model UN, feel free to email Dr. Cashion (scottcashion@haashall.org), Lily Baer (lily.baer@haashall.org), or Ahilan (ahilan.eraniyan@haashall.org).

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