There will be one group winner and two individual winners!

Location of auditions is TBD but will be announced the week before.

If you plan to audition for the talent show you need to sign up and plan to attend auditions Monday, May 14th. The exact time of the talent show will be determined by Mr. Henry and the number of acts in which audition. The show will be in the afternoon around 3-4 block on the 18th.

Parents are welcome to attend the show as well.

If you make it into the talent show, you will need to be prepared with all of your props, music, and scripts ( comedy or short play) at the time of auditions. If you do NOT have these with you on Monday, May 14th for auditions you WILL NOT be included in the talent show.

All acts need to be short no acts that are longer than 5 minutes at max, unless you have an exception made. This is to keep the audience entertained and not bored by a long performance. You are only able to be apart of ONE act.

Any acts that do not meet the general school conduct codes, or are deemed inappropriate by Mrs. Smith/Ms. Golver and the council at the auditions, will not be considered for the talent show.

Music must be on a USB, CD, or sent to Aryn Johnson before auditions. Music can be sent to or Aryn directly. Music can be from Spotify, Youtube, or in other usable forms.

If you can not make auditions, please talk to Aryn Johnson or Brendan Welch.

The list of those who will be in the show will be posted at the front desk on Tuesday, May 15th.

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