Haas Hall Bentonville has a new club this year! It is known as the Animal Awareness Club. This club has been spearheaded by three Jr. High Scholars who have high levels of empathy for our animal friends. Please see their names / emails at the end of this announcement.

The primary goal of the club is to promote awareness of all the issues our local animals deal with in order to foster a greater level of engagement, understanding, volunteerism, and dedication to helping those among us who are unable to help themselves.

In promoting this goal we will seek to raise funds, purchase food and supplies for local shelters, establish volunteers at the local shelters, and conduct awareness increasing projects around the community.

We will also try to promote conservation efforts which are designed to help endangered animals throughout our community.

We are excited to get under way!

Our first meeting will be this Tuesday (1/11) at 2:30pm in Mr. Johnson’s room (118). We will need to nominate and elect senior high scholars to fill leadership positions.

If you have any questions please contact these scholars: Morgan Hopper (morgan.hopper@haashall.org ), Zara Adeel (zara.adeel@haashall.org), or Bella Vanhersh (isabella.vanhersh@haashall.org) or Mr. Johnson (wilsonjohnson@haashall.org).

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