New Faculty Members

There are some new faces on campus! I’m pleased to introduce a few new faculty members:

Nurse Sanders (School Nurse/Health and Wellness Faculty, Room 123A)
Nurse Sanders graduated nursing school in the Spring of 2021, and worked in the Emergency Room as well as at a local clinic since that time. Prior to graduation, Nurse Sanders worked as a CNA in the Emergency Room, as well as in the Cardiac unit. In her spare time, Nurse Sanders trains horses for rodeo! She currently cares for 14 horses, 3 dogs, and 2 cats. In her spare time, she may be found riding, and competing at barrel races and/or rodeos.

Mr. Ervin (Social Studies Faculty/Room 402A)
Originally from Heber Springs, Arkansas, Mr. Ervin received his Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from Arkansas State University. He spent time working in government and politics before moving to education. He lives in NWA with his wife and puppy. Mr. Ervin enjoys sports, reading, video games, and being outdoors!

Mr. Graham (English Faculty/Room 319)
Mr. Graham started a few weeks before the break as a substitute teacher for Ms. Hager. He will continue teaching her classes, and will also continue with HHA at the Lane next year. Mr. Graham received his Bachelor’s and Master’s of Arts from the University of Central Arkansas. He enjoys hiking to see Arkansas waterfalls, collecting vinyl records, and lives in NWA with his wife and two shih tzu puppies.

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