New Food/Drink Policy

Parents and Scholars,
We have recently had major issues with scholars spilling drinks purchased outside the Jones Center or from vending machines in the Jones Center before school, during lunch, and after school. The Jones Center Maintenance does not have the time to come clean up after scholars, and since scholars can’t seem to clean up after themselves, we are stopping all outside food/drink from being brought into the school area. If they have such items, they need to drink/eat in the Jones Center Lobby before entering the school. Water bottles may continue to be brought in. Scholars are expected to be in class on time each morning regardless.

Scholars who purchase a lunch or bring drinks in a lunch brought from home can continue to do so, but they must monitor their spills and clean up after. The policy on the vending machines and purchase from the Jones Center cafe is the same as it has been since the first of the year – not until 4pm unless they are leaving immediately.

We do have an organization that provides snack food after school and some of our scholars are taking advantage of that. As long as we don’t find bags of food or milk left in the Commons area, that may continue. We have had some issues but scholars have become better about self-monitoring the trash during this time.

This policy will be re-evaluated for next year depending on what happens during the remaining day. We have a very nice facility and we want to maintain it well. We also do not want the Jones Center staff, who already have a large building to maintain, to have to put in extra work simply because our scholars cannot pick up after themselves.

We appreciate your support in this.

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