Green Team is excited to announce that our new t-shirts and sweatshirts are now available to be ordered!

Prices: Sweatshirts are $20 and t-shirts are $15
When: Your order must be submitted by Friday, April 29th
Who: Any member of the Haas Hall community can order
Colors: Both cuts are available in blue and green
Sizes: S-XXL


Order will not be included unless Mrs. Kilgus (room 101 at Fayetteville HHA) has received payment (cash and checks accepted) by Friday, April 29th
To order more than one of the same cut and size, please fill out the form multiple times


  1. Michelle-
    April 26, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    Is there a way to pay online? My son, Ethan Ham, doesn’t attend the Fayetteville campus where Mrs. Kilgus is located and receiving payments. Thanks!

    • Teresa New-
      April 28, 2022 at 1:50 pm

      Unfortunately, we do not currently have an online payment method. But, I see that Ethan attends the Rogers campus.
      If you give the money (marked for Green Team tshirts/sweatshirts, Fayetteville campus) to Mrs Hill at the front desk, she will gather it up and give it to Mr Wise, the Headmaster, who will give it to his wife who teaches at the Fayetteville campus, who will give it to Mrs Kilgus.
      We often still function as a small school and do staff to staff hand offs between the campuses.
      Let me know if you have additional questions. Thank you!

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