New Lunch Policies!

Beginning immediately, scholars will have the opportunity to eat outside of their 3rd period classroom one day each week. Scholars may continue to eat in their 3rd period classroom if they wish, but on their assigned day they will have the option of eating a supervised lunch in the Commons or outside at the blue tables (weather permitting). Scholars may not move at random between classrooms. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: 7th grade
Tuesday: 8th grade
Wednesday: 9th grade
Thursday: 10th grade
Friday: 11th and 12th grade

The following important guidelines apply:

1) Please pick-up after yourself. Trash should not be left on the bleachers or scattered about outside.

2) Scholars may only eat outside on the north side of the building where they can be properly supervised. Scholars may not enter the parking lot, access vehicles, eat in vehicles, or be on the other three sides of the building.

3) This is not intended to be recess. Scholars need to be seated and enjoying their lunch during this 30 minute period.

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