Nov. 4th Jones Center Early Dismissal Information

The Jones Center will have their big fundraising Gala on November 5th and require all of the Springdale scholars to be off campus the afternoon of November 4th. This is for the Springdale campus ONLY.

We will have classes the morning of the 4th, but all scholars MUST be picked up by 11:30 am so that they can begin setting up for the Gala. Scholars will be dismissed at 10:55 am. No lunch will be served.

The Jones Center will only have the doors on the Northeast entrance by the Chapel unlocked to allow scholars in. Do not try any other Jones Center door – they will be locked! Scholars will enter and exit from those doors only.

Scholars will need to come directly into the school and go to your first block classroom upon arrival. Do not go to the Food Court or any other area as they will be setting up in those areas already.

Please make arrangements for scholar pickup no later than 11:30 am on November 4th. Scholars will NOT be allowed to be in the Jones Center after 11:30 AM.

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