Office Supply Recycling

Hello, scholars and faculty!

The Earth Awareness Project is excited to announce that there is a new office supply recycling bin in the commons for the collection of highlighters, markers, mechanical pencils, pens, crayons, ink and toner cartridges, folders, binders, paper clips, staples, tape dispensers, and many other items! Once collected, these items will then be taken to the Walmart Community Recycling Hub in Fayetteville where they will be taken by TerraCycle to a special recycling facility.

For more information on the completed list of what can be recycled, please visit this link or see the list available in the commons: https://corporate.walmart.com/community-recycling-hub/ink-cartridges-and-office-supplies

If you have any questions, please contact julia.mizner@haashall.org

Thank you!

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