Although CDC guidelines have changed, Haas Hall Academy will continue to require the 14-day quarantine period based on recommendation of our medical professionals. For example, if you are traveling out of state this weekend and return on Monday, September 7th, please have your scholar(s) participate in virtual learning for 14 days following return to the state. During the 14-day quarantine period, scholars can still go to school. They will simply sign in to their Google Classrooms and participate in class from home while monitoring for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Please communicate with your scholar’s teachers regarding learning from home if/when needed throughout the semester, as well as email the attendance email for your campus…

Bentonville — bentonvilleattendance@haashall.org   Fayetteville — fayettevilleattendance@haashall.org   Rogers — laneattendance@haashall.org    Springdale — jonesattendance@haashall.org

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