Parent-Student Discussions on the College Selection Process

The Make a Difference Youth Foundation (MADYF) is a college-bound organization founded in 1992, focused on preparing high school students with the skills and resources needed to succeed in and after high school. The organization conducts weekly meetings, volunteering events, college tours, guest speakers, community events, and more.

This Thursday, November 10th, from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm CDT, MADYF will be hosting a virtual panel on the college selection process, and the discussions parents will have with their children regarding it. Our event will have a diverse range of panelists, including high school seniors, parents of high school seniors, and parents with children in college. It will be an excellent opportunity for students and their parents to ask questions and gain insight into the different perspectives that other students and parents encounter when facing college admissions.

The event is free and completely online, and you may sign up on our website at https://madyf.org/future-events. Please contact Pranav Neupane (pranavneupane@gmail.com) for any further questions. We hope to see you there!

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