Parents! Important Information!

Jones Center Parents,
We wanted to take a moment to inform you of upcoming changes that could affect your scholar at the Jones Center. Effective January 31, 2023, the Jones Center will no longer employ armed security. They have shared with us that there will be some security on the premises, but as of this writing, we haven’t been informed what direction that will take. Questions regarding this decision must be directed to the Jones Center Administration Team.

Mrs. Jodi Simmons, our Haas Hall Security guard, will still be employed by Haas Hall Academy and will continue to provide her services for the safety of our scholars and staff. Their safety remains her priority. Her hours will remain 7 am – 3:30 pm.

How does this affect you and your scholar? If your scholar is here after 3:30 pm, when Haas Hall employees leave for the day, there is no guarantee that anyone is monitoring them as they have been before this change. It is strongly suggested that you pick up your scholar at 3:30 pm. If that is not possible, we suggest you look at the parent page of the Haas Hall website to see if a carpool arrangement is available. Another option to research is Ozark Transit, which stops at the Jones Center. We do not suggest you leave your scholar here after 4 pm.

It will also mean that classes such as PE that leave the school area will probably not be watched in person or by the camera as they were this semester.

We hope that more information will be available after the Holiday Break. Still, we also realized that this decision might be a hardship for some of you and wanted you to have plenty of time to explore other transportation options.

We are confident that Mrs. Jodi will continue to assist us in providing a safe environment for our scholar learning and that our school will continue as we were before this decision. We appreciate your support.

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