PARENTS: Proper Drop Off / Pick Up Procedure

Please be sure you are following the proper procedures when dropping off and picking up your scholars.

Pull into south entrance of the Starr Scholar Center parking lot , drive around the building and drop off ONLY by the flagpole.

Follow the same traffic pattern when picking up in the afternoon, but form two lines so that the traffic is not backed up on North Front Street. Scholars should be lined up on the sidewalk on the north side of the building and watch for their parents.

For safety, scholars should stay against the building while they are waiting and should look both ways before crossing the car rider line to get into their vehicles. 

If you are first in line, please be sure that your scholar knows this so they can get out of the building and to you quickly. The line should move quickly.

NO picking up or dropping off in the Ingenuity Center parking lot. This lot is for scholar parking and they need to be able to get in & out of their parking spots in a timely manner.

NO picking up or dropping off in the neighboring law firm or the bank parking lots.

NO picking up or dropping off in the front of the building. This lot is for staff and visitors.

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