Participants Needed for AP Research Project–A Fun Film Questionnaire!

Hello, my name is Matias Boeri. I am a senior at Haas Hall Academy Bentonville, who is conducting research on how film affects real life in efforts to obtain my AP Capstone diploma.

To complete my paper, I am gathering data by using the following questionnaire: https://forms.gle/zHtakU4gZZvykKS59. (All you have to do to participate is simply copy the previous link in your browser.)

The goal of this questionnaire is to gather evidence supporting the theory that film affects our lives. The questionnaire consists of three broadly applicable questions and should take, at most, ten minutes. If you are able to participate, please make sure your answers are as sincere as possible, because the final results need to reflect your views, which will result in accurate data.

Also, it would also be helpful if you were to share this questionnaire with any friends and/or family, expanding its statistical relevance. Demographics do not matter. In fact, for a successful research project, participants need to be diverse.

Should you have any questions regarding my research, please email me at the following email address: matgasboe@gmail.com. However, if you have any questions concerning AP Capstone and AP Research, please contact my research advisor Mrs. Katherine Cochran (katherinecochran@haashall.org) and Headmaster Dr. Rod Wittenberg (rodwittenberg@haashall.org).

Your contribution is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support!

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