Participants Needed to take Bystander Behavior Online Survey!

Participants are needed to take an entirely online survey which takes under 30 minutes and will be used in fulfillment of a scholar’s AP Capstone Diploma.

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to take a free (4-6 minute) online Enneagram test and then answer 8 questions regarding your reaction to four short video clips.

To participate you must:
– be over 18 years of age
– have access to a device and internet connection

This survey is completely anonymous and may be taken by copying and pasting the following link into a browser or by clicking here: https://forms.gle/yVUqgNPKimDh3xB77

Your participation and/or any sharing of this survey is greatly appreciated!

Contact Brooke Scott at brooker12375@gmail.com with any questions or issues.

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