Hello scholars! My name is Harsha Nannapaneni. I am a senior at Haas Hall Academy Bentonville and currently conducting a research project for AP Research.

Recently, there has been a decline in quality social interaction and interpersonal relationships among highschoolers, especially during the COVID pandemic, and I want to know what can be done to improve the situation. Research has suggested that those that read more literature increase their emotional intelligence through a simulation of social interactions, and it is thought that this can translate into real world social skills. Additionally, there is evidence for differing effects of reading fiction in particular compared to nonfiction, including higher levels of empathy. Through my research study, I intend to find methods utilizing reading that high schools could use to more effectively develop emotional intelligence in high school students and consequently promote quality interactions and relationships with peers and teachers.

If you would like to help, please consider taking this survey. It should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

If you are willing to participate in this research study, please access the survey here:

If you have any issues with the survey or any questions/concerns, please feel free to email me at the following email addresses: n.harsha2029@gmail.com (or) sriharsha.nannapaneni@haashall.org

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the legitimacy of this research project, please contact my research advisor, Mrs. Katherine Cochran (katherinecochran@haashall.org), and/or Headmaster Dr. Rod Wittenberg (rodwittenberg@haashall.org).

Thank you for your support and participation!

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