This is a reminder that HHAB Beta Club is hosting a penny war to raise money for the Cara McCollum Birthday Book Project. The penny war will end on Friday, December 13. Scholars should put coins and bills worth the most points in the teacher’s jar they wish to see win. The two teachers with the most points compete against each other in a lip-sync battle!

Twelve teachers have agreed to participate in this fundraiser to help us raise money to purchase books for the Cara McCollum Birthday Book Project:
Mr. Bolin
Mrs. Brophy
Mr. Cox
Ms. Eaton
Mr. Golden
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Quentin
Mrs. Robinson
Dr. Rod
Ms. Rubio
Nurse Shelly
Mrs. Thompson

The points system is as follows:
Penny: 1 point
Nickel: -5 points
Dime: -10 points
Quarter: -25 points
1 Dollar: 100 points

The jars will be at the front desk. Thank you for your support!

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