Philosophy Club This Friday, April 24th, Via “Meet”

Dear Parents and Scholars,

Thank you for, what I feel, was the best, most productive Philosophy Club meeting we’ve had to date. It was a pleasure–and an honor–to be a part of it. I am very proud of you, Scholars!

As I’ve stated in the past, I think that now, perhaps more than ever, our Philosophy Club is necessary. We’re having another meeting this Friday at 2:40 p.m. via Google “Meet.” Should you be interested in attending and you do not already have the “Meet” session information, please email me (katherinecochran@haashall.org), and I’ll be sure to get that information to you before Friday’s meeting.

Please see the link below to sign up using this Sign-up Genius:

Here’s the link:

For our meeting on Friday, May 1st, we’ll have a guest speaker, Zino Carr, of Greenwich, Connecticut. Mr. Carr and Ian Curriden, our club’s president, will lead this meeting, which will be focused upon an exploration of Robert Anton Wilson’s “Prometheus Rising.”

As always, thank you, Scholars and Parents!

Mrs. Kate

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