Pick Up Reminder

Scholars are to be picked up by 3pm each day. We’re seeing more and more scholars who are here at 4pm. Our supervision for these scholars ends at 3:30pm. If they are a member of the Jones Center, they may go to the 10 space limited Study Hall area that the Jones Center has provided. Scholars who go there must check in at the Jones Center front desk before going to the area. This area is limited to 10 people on a first come, first serve basis and is monitored by Jones Center security. The scholar will be expected to be picked up by 4pm. Any scholar left after 4pm will be sent to Jones Center security and they will contact the parent. Only scholars who have turned in their Jones Center forms will be allowed to go to the Study Hall area. If you have not turned in your form and want to take advantage of this, please return the completed form with all information answered correctly to the Jones Center Front Desk immediately.

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