Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day will be Monday, December 14th. Retake day will be ONLY for those who missed their photograph on the original picture days or for those who purchased photos/intend to purchase photos but are not pleased with them.

Photographer/photo times will ONLY be available during 1st and 2nd blocks. If a virtual/blended scholar cannot come to campus during these times, retakes will not be possible. Please email Ms. Lim with the name of the scholar having their photo retaken. We will distribute a list of virtual/blended scholars who will be absent during 1st and/or 2nd block for retakes for their absence to be documented/excused.

If you purchased photos and would like to participate in retake day, you will need to return your original package of photos.

Pictures are still available to order on mylifetouch.com with Picture Day ID: EVTN7BS2X

Scholars need to be in full uniform and may not wear a Haas Hall pullover/jacket in their photo, so please make sure you are wearing a Haas Hall uniform shirt underneath if they have one on that day or the photo will not be taken. Seniors may wear business attire.

Masks will need to be worn the entire time until in front of the camera for blended/virtual scholar coming in. Scholars coming in will enter through the Jones Center main entrance to get their temperature screened. Pictures take 10 minutes or less if a ride is waiting for you outside. Please do not block the fire lane.

Please email Ms. Lim with any further questions.

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