Last year, all four of our campuses participated in a “Pink Out” to raise funds to assist Dr. Puckett with medical costs as she faced breast cancer. Dr. Puckett has completed most of her chemo and radiation and is doing well, but we still wanted to continue the “Pink Out” to help other cancer patients. So, both on Tuesday and Wednesday, each campus will allow scholars to wear a pink shirt or tshirt along with the normal Haas Hall slacks or skirts for a minimum $3 donation. Shirts do not have to be Haas Hall shirts but they cannot be sweatshirts/hoodies. Money raised from all 4 sites will go to a donation from Haas Hall to the American Cancer Society. There might also be some additional cancer awareness items for sale at some locations. Traditional scholars may participate both days if they donate for both days.

Let’s make this a new tradition and help some of the most vunerable, from infants to older adults, in their fight with cancer.

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