Political Clubs at Haas Hall

Hello, Scholars!
This year Haas Hall, with the help of Dr. Rod, is offering Political Clubs for scholars who want to be active members of their community. This includes the Young Democrats, led by Nandita Ajit, and Young Republicans, led by Mia Bassler. The Political Clubs of Haas Hall will participate in local elections, volunteering, fundraising, and many other opportunities for scholars. Meetings will be held with the individual clubs once a month, but there will also be conjoined meetings with all Political Club members. For those interested, please fill out the google forms linked below and join the Google Classroom (code: byda644). The introductory meeting for both clubs will be held together on Thursday, February 3rd with more information about the clubs and how they will run.

Interest form: https://forms.gle/WdhEcoskkiB5CbsM8

If you have any further questions contact:
Mia Bassler (mia.bassler@haashall.org) and Nandita Ajit (nandita.ajit@haashall.org).

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