Juniors, expect an email from Mrs. Robinson with more information about the PPSAT to be distributed on September 30th.

All 11th graders at all campuses will be taking the PSAT on October 14. Further details will follow.

11th-graders must turn in their $17 payment for the test to the front desk of their campus by Oct. 12th. Cash or checks will be accepted.

The PPSAT, scheduled for September 30, will not be given at school. This practice test will be distributed to juniors so they can take it at home.

All 11th-graders will report to their campus on October 14 to take the PSAT. All other grades will attend virtually that day. Teachers will report to campus as usual.

8th, 9th, and 10th grade scholar’s $17 PSAT fees will be due in February, however, if you’d like to turn it in now, feel free to do so.

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