Project Prevent Youth Coalition

Project Prevent Youth Coalition (PPYC) is a student organization built around fostering a safe space to discuss substance abuse among teens. The primary initiative of this student organization is to expose the truth about Big Tobacco and arming today’s youth with the tools and power to choose a tobacco- and substance-free life. If this sounds like a student organization that interests you, join us for our first meeting of the semester Friday November 6 at 2:30 PM. Grades 7-12 are welcome!

This meeting will be virtual for scholars off-site; you must use your Haas Hall email to login (see below for link). For scholars on-site, please meet in Dr. Binns’ room (room 117) immediately after school. Contact Rukaya Alrubaye (rukaya.alrubaye@haashall.org) or Dr. Binns (ashleybinns@haashall.org) if you have any questions.

Google meet link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/etyred6rcm

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