Project Prevent Youth Coalition Meeting!

Hello scholars! Project Prevent Youth Coalition will be having an informational meeting this Friday, September 9th during lunch in Ms. Kilgus’ room! Project Prevent is a club committed to making Northwest Arkansas a healthier and safer place through Substance Misuse and Abuse Prevention. Throughout the year, we have scholarship, travel, and community engagement opportunities.
The goal of this club is to educate teens about the dangers of using tobacco products, and inspiring them to spread the message. This student organization is built around fostering a safe space to discuss substance abuse among teens. The primary initiative is to expose the truth about Big Tobacco and arming today’s youth with the tools and power to choose a tobacco-free life. It is sponsored by the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, Arkansas Department of Health, Arkansas Tobacco Control Coalition, Be well Arkansas, and the Arkansas Cancer Coalition. Members have many opportunities to learn from representatives across the country who are working to spread awareness about tobacco use, and participate in conferences where other youth working towards the same goal will be present. Members will also have many opportunities to get incentives throughout the year. The Google classroom code is mo42pal. Snacks will also be provided! More information about PPYC is available on the official Project prevent website: https://projectpreventar.org. If you would like to help spread awareness on these pressing issues, join us in Ms. Kilgus’ room this Friday during lunch. If you have any questions, feel free to email the Club President Rukaya Alrubaye at rukaya.alrubaye@haashall.org.

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