Reminder! First Day of School Procedures

The only entrance to the Jones Center campus will be the Northeast corner door (Robinson/Old Missouri) side of the Jones Center. No other door is available for Haas Hall scholars. This is a dedicated entrance just for us. You must be wearing your mask when you enter. Parents must remain outside.

You can access the drop off area either from Robinson or Old Missouri. The Emma entrance is not available for drop off or pick up.

If you have been out of state this week, you must start school virtually.

Please do your health screening prior to coming to school. If you have any of the symptoms listed on the health screening, please remain home and join virtually.

Don’t forget to order your lunch before you come to school or upon arrival.

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle full of water. Fountains have been turned off per ADH guidelines.

Blended learners whose last names begin A-L will come on Monday. Blended learners whose last names begin M-Z will join class virtually. Tuesday, the process will reverse. Don’t forget on Friday you work from home if you are blended.

All forms, including Health forms, must be turned in to Mrs. Cox upon arrival.

Scholars are to report immediately to their first block classroom. Do not stand outside or in the Jones Center lobby. We understand you may have not seen your friends in a while but we must follow the ADH guidelines if we want to be able to continue to have on site schooling. Your cooperation will determine if this can continue.

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