Reminder: Morning Drop Off Times

Dear HHA Bentonville parents and guardians,

Please remember that once scholars are admitted into the building each morning, they need to go directly to their first period classroom where social distancing measures can be enforced by their first period teacher. We have required our teachers to be in their first block class each morning by 7:30 AM so that they can perform this important duty. However, we have noticed that scholars are arriving earlier each morning and in greater numbers, all while the weather has deteriorated. In order to avoid leaving scholars out in these unfavorable conditions, we have had to make adjustments over the past few days, but these adjustments are not sustainable for our staff. Please remember that scholars cannot be admitted prior to temperature screenings that begin at 7:15 AM. Please help us keep scholars warm, dry, and healthy by adjusting your drop off time accordingly.

Thank you sincerely,

Dr. Rod

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