Reminder Regarding Planned Absences and Attendance

Planned absences cannot be used for sickness. In order for an absence to be labeled excused, documentation from a doctor must be provided.

If a scholar needs to be quarantined for possible Covid contact, they may log in virtually and attend class if they feel like it. If a scholar is home sick (sore throat, not feeling well), even if they log onto class they will still be counted absent. (Back in pre-Covid days, if a scholar was sick they were sick. They could request work if they wanted it. This arrangement is similar to that.) Scholars that are sick and have documentation can have extra time to turn in work or take tests. This will be arranged with the teacher.

If a scholar is traditional and just wants to work from home, they are counted absent. Traditional scholars have the option to go virtual anytime during the semester, however, like virtual scholars they must remain that way the rest of the semester.

If you have a Covid concern, please be in contact with Nurse DeSpain so she can provide you with information on when the scholar can return to school.

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