…the end of the submission period for the eighth volume of Haas Hall Academy’s award-winning literary magazine, “Footnotes”, that is. Currently, “Footnotes” is seeking submissions of poetry, prose, art, and photography for this issue, but we would especially love to see your powerful prose roll into our inbox before the end of the current submission period. Kindly note that we will be closing our inbox to all submissions at 11: 59P.M. CDT on Thursday, March 31st.

Send all submissions, one per email, to haaslitmag@gmail.com, with your full name, genre, and campus in the subject line of your email and all work attached as Google Docs with editing access. Please do not use your Haas Hall email to submit pieces, as we have had difficulty receiving submissions from these emails in the past. Furthermore, do not submit fanfiction or fan art to the magazine, as we cannot accept this type of work.

Writers and artists, you have one month to blow us away. Once again, we cannot wait to see what you create!

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Bolin (ericbolin@haashall.org), Mr. Henriksen (matthewhenriksen@haashall.org), Mrs. Henry (karenhenry@haashall.org), or the “Footnotes” editorial staff (haaslitmag@gmail.com).

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