Reminders For 2nd Semester

For those scholars who have been virtual and are returning to traditional or blended learning this semester, here is a reminder on procedures:
1. The Northeast door to the Jones Center (where we usually go out for lunch) is a designated Haas Hall entry. All scholars should enter through that door. Doors at other locations are locked as the Jones Center wants to use this as a main entry. Scholars should arrive to campus no later than 7:50am.
2. Scholars will have their temps checked before entering the school. If there is a question about a scholar’s health, they will not be granted access inside and will remain with the nurse in the lobby until parent contact can be made.
3. Once entered into the school, scholars should immediately report to the 1st block classroom and remain there until class begins.
4. Lunch is served in 3rd block. Scholars report to their third block classroom and lunch will be delivered there. Scholars remain in that classroom for lunch and continue on to 3rd block.
5. Scholars are dismissed by 2:30pm. Scholars are to be picked up no later than 3pm. If you are running a little late, scholars are to wait inside the Jones Center in the study hall designated area until 3:30pm. All scholars should be off campus no later than 3:30pm. Supervision of scholars is no longer available after 3:30 pm.
6. Scholars are expected to be in appropriate school uniform. If you have questions about the dress code, refer to the Parent/Scholar Handbook on the Haas Hall website.
7. Winter coats should be taken off prior to entering the school unless they have the Haas Hall logo on them. Scholars are responsible for carrying their coats throughout the day.
8. If a scholar becomes ill at school, the nurse will contact the parent to pick the scholar up. Please make every effort to do so immediately to help migate the chance of spreading an illness throughout the rest of the school community.
9. Lunch can be ordered online or at Mrs. Cox’s desk. Information on lunch ordering can be found in the Parent Update sent today. There are no microwave or cooling devices available if a scholar chooses to bring their lunch.
10. If you are ill and will be attending school virtually, a parent (not a scholar) must contact Mrs. Cox and let her know.

Our scholars and parents did an outstanding job this Fall! Parents were cautious in sending scholars to school ill which helped our school and staff stay very healthy. Thank you! Here’s hoping that we can have just as successful a Spring semester!

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