Dear Scholars and Parents/Guardians:

Please remember that the school building closes at 3:30 every day, this includes the outside Terrace.

If you are not involved in a club, activity, or tutoring from 2:30-3:30 and are waiting for a sibling, please find a quiet place to study. If you do not have an activity or club, please arrange to be picked up at 2:30PM.

Below is a list of options for after school activities in the community.

Rogers Activity Center (https://www.rogersrecreation.org/)

Teen Action and Support Center (https://tascnwa.org/)

Local parks (https://www.rogersar.gov/371/Parks)

Rogers Boys & Girls Club (https://www.bgcbentoncounty.org/rogers-teen-center)

Rogers Public Library (https://rogerspubliclibrary.org/)

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