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Positive Mental Health Initiative

August 21, 2019

Dear parents/guardians:

With great pleasure, I am writing to introduce you to our Positive Mental Health Initiative.

In connection with our “Every Scholar, Every Day – College Bound!” mantra, we are pleased to introduce you to our Haas Hall Academy Scholar Support Team. Each and every day, teachers and staff are working to ensure your scholar is provided every opportunity to prepare for college and beyond. In addition to excellent direct classroom instruction, Haas Hall Academy Academic Advisors aim to help your scholar build competitive transcripts to provide multiple opportunities for academic and professional pursuits after graduation.

Haas Hall Academy takes education very seriously and is dedicated to the success of all scholars. We stand ready to conduct testing and offer support for Special Education, Dyslexia, and English as a Second Language. Our specialists are available to visit with you should your scholar require accommodations to ensure equal opportunities for all.

We also seek to promote the positive well-being and mental health of every scholar. To accomplish this goal, we are supporting each campus with a professionally licensed counselor and/or social worker for school-related brief counseling services. Our Scholar Support Team is also here to help educate parents on key indicators of mental health and will be providing you with information throughout the year on interesting topics.

We ask that you acknowledge this mission by returning the attached form to the front desk at your scholar’s campus by August 27, 2019.

Haas Hall Academy continues to be ranked among the top high schools in the nation. I am looking forward to another outstanding year, and we are excited to remain committed to supporting all scholars’ academic and mental health.


Dr. Martin W. Schoppmeyer, Jr.


Download Parental Authorization Form & Scholar Support Team Contact List

AMI — Alternative Methods of Instruction

Haas Hall Academy is approved to use AMI — Alternative Methods of Instruction — days for inclement weather. Learn more about AMI — Alternative Methods of Instruction.

Scholar Deposit / Reclamation Maps

Download the pdf versions of the scholar deposit / reclamation maps.





If you have any questions, please call the Fayetteville campus at 479-966-4930 or the Bentonville campus at 479-268-3424.

Haas Hall Academy Supports our Scholars

Haas Hall Academy strives to provide a tuition-free college-preparatory education to all families. Recognizing the commitment families choose to make by selecting a charter school, Haas Hall Academy offers financial assistance to ensure every scholar’s focus is on academic achievement. Haas Hall Academy happily provides meals, uniforms, books, transportation costs and testing fees to any scholar with a financial hurdle with no proof of income or hardship required.
Haas Hall Academy believes that financial concerns should never be a consideration during a scholar’s academic day. If your family needs assistance, please contact us.

Contact Us



Free computer (internet) use, low-cost Internet access and free cellphones are available from several community and commercial sources.

Free Computer and Internet Access

Fayetteville Public Library
401 W Mountain St.
Phone: 856-7000.

Springdale Public Library
405 S. Pleasant St.
Phone: 750- 8180

Rogers Public Library
711 S. Dixieland Road
Phone: 621-1152

Bentonville Public Library
405 S. Main St.
Phone: 271-3192

Low-Cost Internet Access

Access AT&T
Cost: $5-$10 (plus tax) per month for households where at least one resident participates in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  more information >>

Cox Connect2Compete
Cost: $9.95 (plus tax) per month for households that have at least one student in grades K-12 and participates in one of the following programs: free or reduced-price lunch through National School Lunch Program (NSLP), SNAP, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or public housing.  more information >>


Free Cellphone

Safelink Wireless
Free cellphone, 350 free minutes plus unlimited minutes for qualified SNAP, TANF, and other low-income, government program recipients.  more information >>

Parental Involvement

Haas Hall Academy embraces parental involvement! Involved parents are the key to the success of our scholars.

Download the Parental Involvement Plan

Parents work together preparing campus for the start of the school year.Parental support in your scholar’s academic endeavor is the key to the overall success of your scholar’s academic career at Haas Hall Academy. Education is a partnership. Involved parents are knowledgeable parents. Remember, this is your school. Be an active participant! Haas Hall Academy has a 3 hour minimum parental involvement policy for all parents. You must keep track of your hours on-line for our audit. Haas Hall Academy understands the importance of parental and community involvement in promoting higher student achievement and general good will between the school and those it serves. Therefore, Haas Hall Academy shall strive to develop and maintain the capacity for meaningful and productive parental and community involvement that will result in mutually beneficial activities for the school, students, parents and the community. To achieve such goals, Haas Hall Academy shall work to:

  • Involve parents and the community in the development of the long-range planning of Haas Hall Academy.
  • Have a coordinated involvement program where the activities of the school enhance the involvement strategies of the programs such as the Parent Faculty Council.
  • Explain to parents and the community the state’s content and achievement standards, state and local student assessments, how Haas Hall Academy’s curriculum is aligned with the assessments and how parents can work with Haas Hall Academy to improve their child’s academic achievement.
  • Provide parents with materials and training they need to assist them to help their child achieve. Haas Hall Academy may use parent resource centers of other community based organizations encourage parental involvement and provide literacy and technology training for parents.
  • Educate school staff, with parental assistance, in ways to work and communicate with parents and to implement parent involvement program that promote positive partnerships between the school and parents.
  • Keep parents informed about parental involvement programs, meetings and other activities.
  • Find ways to eliminate barriers that keep parents from being involved in their child’s education.
  • Train parents to enhance and promote the involvement of other parents.
  • Provide reasonable support for other parental involvement activities as parents may reasonably request.

Haas Hall Academy will conduct an annual review of its parental involvement policies examining their affect on promoting higher student achievement. The review shall be conducted by a committee consisting of parents and other community members, faculty, staff, and member(s) of the administration. Nota Bene: Haas Hall Academy’s Google Group is a restricted site. All applications to join will be verified against official school enrollment information. Please take the time to carefully complete your bio to ensure your application is not denied.

Parent Faculty Council

Established in 2004, the main purpose of the Parent Faculty Council is to establish a parent-driven organization to assist Haas Hall Academy in creating opportunities and providing additional avenues for direct parental involvement at our institution.

Purposes of the Parent Faculty Council

  • Provide a formalized network of parents that supports Haas Hall Academy its academic mission, vision and stated goals.
  • Supply a collective voice of parents to Haas Hall Academy’s faculty, staff, administration and school board.
  • A means for the exploration and integration of diverse ideas, strategies and learning opportunities in an atmosphere that fosters a sense of belonging and academic excellence.
  • Assist Haas Hall Academy in its goal to become the premiere high school in the United States.
  • Recognize and award scholars and school personnel in their educational accomplishments.

Constitution & By-Laws

Dress Code

Haas Hall Academy employs a stringent, mandatory uniform dress code for its scholars. In our resolve to ensure a safe, secure and disciplined learning environment, we believe that the establishment of a uniform dress code is a fundamental aspect of this effort. The dress code prepares our scholars for life as professionals, as it is a way of preparing them for the more formal world of work. Haas Hall Academy attracts scholars from 19 school districts, six private schools and a large home school base, therefore our uniforms are our community’s identity. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the potential benefits of a uniform dress code are: decreasing violence and theft — even life-threatening situations — among students over designer clothing or expensive sneakers; helping prevent gang members from wearing gang colors and insignia at school; instilling students with discipline; helping parents and students resist peer pressure; helping students concentrate on their school work; and helping school officials recognize intruders who come to the school.


View Uniform Style & Color Options

Land’s End: Haas Hall Academy’s Web Portal – Purchase your Scholar’s Uniforms Online

Download the 2018 – 2019 Dress Code Policy

Policies & Procedures

AHERA Inspection and Management Plan

School Board Policies

Personnel Policies (Licensed/Classified)

Media Policy

We ask that all media requests (via telephone, fax, or e-mail) be directed to Carin Schoppmeyer, Director of School-Community Relations, who will promptly respond to your request either by e-mail at or by phone. Reporters may take photographs and video footage of the Haas Hall Academy campus with permission from the Director of School-Community Relations.

To shoot video or still photographs on campus grounds or in any Haas Hall Academy building we request that a videographer or photographer be accompanied by a member of the School-Community Relations staff.

To arrange an interview with a scholar, faculty or staff member please call (479) 263.2367.

Orientation Paperwork

2019-2020 Orientation Paperwork

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