Robotics Club First Meeting!!

Greetings Scholars!

The Robotics club will be holding its first meeting this Friday, September 30th, in Mrs. Hurst’s room. We will be talking about things such as fundraising, recruiting, positions, competitions, and etc. in this meeting. Kindly attend this meeting if you are interested in joining Robotics club this year.

If you have any questions, or can not make it to the meeting, email one of the following :
(Veera Unnam)Veera.Unnam@haashall.org, arsh.jaiswal@haashall.org(Arsh Jaiswal), (Jay Vydyam) jayishnav.vydyam@haashall.org, or (Arjun Paradkar)jayishnav.vydyam@haashall.org.


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