Room Locations for Testing Next Week

Please look around the school for your location to report first block next week. You will report to that room immediately at the start of the day. We will determine Thursday if we need to maintain this schedule on Friday – that depends on how many arrive too late to begin their tests. Those arriving late will sit with Mrs. Cox.

Parents, it is vitally important that your scholar be at school on time, well rested and having ate breakfast. Our lunch will be later than usual so they need a good meal at the start of the day. Food and drinks are not allowed in the testing rooms.

Those of you going on field trips will report to your assigned classroom immediately as well.

All devices, phones, SMART watches, Fitbits, etc. need to be turned off and kept in your backpack if you are testing. They are not to be allowed in the testing area unless you have an accommodation that allows it. Scholars who are testing will have their backpacks placed in a specific location during the testing time. Scholars will not be allowed to bring any books into the testing areas.

Scholars will not need to take their backpacks with them on the field trips. They will remain locked in classrooms. Phones may go with scholars on field trips.

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