Parents and Scholars,
A quick review of some common issues that could get you in detention or worse!
1. All outside coats, including hoodies, should be removed before entering the school.
2. All shirts should be tucked in, including those under fleece and sweaters.
3. Planned Absence forms are to be turned in at a minimum of 5 days PRIOR to the event.
4. Legitimate reasons for Planned Absences should be given. It is not “automatic” that they will be approved!
5. Scholars are responsible for worked missed during a Planned Absence.
6. Dress Code is going to be strictly enforced this semester! Watch your lengths of skirts/dresses…you are growing!
7. You are to be in the classroom by 7:55 AM. If not, you are tardy!
8, Excessive tardies can result in detentions, suspensions and court contact!
9. Scholars MUST see the nurse before they can go home if ill. If you don’t, you will get a detention.
10. If your grades make you be on AIP, you cannot participate in any extracurricular activity or clubs/sports until you are off!

All of these are in the scholar handbook!

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