Scholar Council Campaigning Starts After Labor Day

Scholar Council is two representatives from each grade that meet with Ms. B and sometimes with other campus Scholar Council groups to discuss the needs of each campus and ideas to make Haas Hall better. You are the “go to” person for scholars on this campus. They come to you with ideas and thoughts, then you share them in a monthly meeting with Ms. B.

If this is something that you are interested in doing, we will begin campaigning after Labor Day. You can make 8.5″x11″ posters highlighting your thoughts on what will make you a good candidate. Your picture needs to be included on your poster so other scholars can identify you.

These posters will need to be brought to Ms. B to hang – do not hang them yourself.

During lunch the week of the 17th – 21st, each grade representative will give a 2 minute speech to the scholar body about what they feel makes them the best candidate. Elections will be the afternoon of Friday, September 21st. First Scholar Council meeting will be Thursday, September 27th at noon in Ms. B’s room.

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