Scholar Council Campaigns Start Next Week

Each grade will need 2 representatives for Scholar Council. If you are interested, you can sign up on the wall across from Ms. B’s office. The rules are as follows for campaigning:

No larger than an 11×14 poster, 1 per candidate, will be allowed. Posters need to be brought to Ms. B. for approval before being hung around campus. No other campaign material may be distributed. A speech is required by each candidate and will be done by grade. Speeches begin Sept. 17th for 7th, Sept. 18th for 8th, Sept. 19th for 9th and Sept. 20th for both 10th and 11th and will occur during lunch. Voting will take place on September 21st. Votes can be cast for their grade representative ONLY. Winners will be announced on Sept. 24th and the first Scholar Council meeting will take place in Ms. B’s office on Sept. 27th.

Good Luck!

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