Congratulations once again to the Haas Hall Academy Mountain Bike Team! Six riders placed in the Top 5 (made podium) and won medals at Race #2 on Sunday, Sept. 25 at Cedar Glades Park in Hot Springs. Three riders came close, earning 6th place finishes.

Podium Finishers

  • Reid Ronck (Rogers, 9th grade) — 1st place, Freshman boys
  • Preston Ronck (Rogers, 7th grade) — 1st place, 7th-8th Grade Level 3, boys
  • Will Mertins (Fayetteville, 11th grade) — 2nd place, Varsity boys
  • Hattie Mertins (Fayetteville, 8th grade) — 2nd place, JV3 girls
  • Ian Cribb (Bentonville, 8th grade) — 3rd place, 8th grade Level 1, boys
  • Besch Mertins (Fayetteville, 8th grade) — 4th place, Varsity girls

After this race, Haas Hall Academy sits in 1st place in the high school division. Riders earn points for their school at each race (the higher they finish, the more points they earn) and by completing Teen Trail Corp hours. TTC hours are volunteer hours riders, coaches, and family members can earn by maintaining bike trails or helping out with bike-related events. Each rider is required to earn 10 hours per season.

The team will travel to Clysta Willett Park in Mountain Home for Race #3 on Oct. 16.

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