Rukaya Alrubaye , an 11th grade scholar at the Fayetteville campus, was selected as a winner of the Bill of Rights Institute’s national Think The Vote contest. In her winning essay, Alrubaye answered the question “Should the United States Try to Nation Build Around the World?” 

Her answer: Yes. 

“I believe that the United States should continue to nation-build around the world because this is not an issue of letting other governments build themselves, but an issue of human rights,” she wrote.  

Alrubaye and her family immigrated to the United States from Iraq in 2008. 

“It hurts me to see the little girls on the news begging to go to school, which is something that most of us in America never think twice about. It is a struggle to watch as another third world country falls,” she wrote, referring to the current situation in Afghanistan. “It is a struggle seeing families separated and afraid of talking because they don’t know who might overhear their conversation. We are all humans and we all wish for a peaceful world where our children grow up without fear.” 

She will be included in the Bill of Rights Institute’s Student Spotlight.

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