Selecting Course Preferences

Attention Scholars:

The time to selecting your course preferences for next year is right around the corner (early May). If you’re looking for some new potential electives/career focus courses, here’s a sneak peak at potential new course offerings:

Debate I
Creative Writing (9 weeks)
Environmental Science
Earth Science
Studio Art 2D (9 weeks)
Studio Art 3D (9 weeks)
Drawing I and II
Painting I and II
Robotics I and II
Sociology (9 weeks)
Personal Fitness for Life (9 weeks)
Recreational Sports/Activities (9 weeks)
Life Span Development
College/Career Readiness
Foundations of Sports Medicine
Senior Engineering Design
Animal Science
Band I
Intro to Band (9 weeks)
Vocal Music I
Music Appreciation (9 weeks)
Theatre Appreciation (9 weeks)
Music Technologies
Theatre I
World Geography (9 weeks)
African American History (9 weeks)
International Relations
Personal Finance (9 weeks)
Banking and Finance (9 weeks)

While we cannot guarantee we will be able to offer all of these courses, there is the potential to offer at least some of them. Be on the lookout for instructions on how to select your course preferences for this coming year. If you have any questions regarding scheduling, please contact Dr. Binns (ashleybinns@haashall.org).

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